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Motorbike vacation in Pinzgau

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Pinzgau is located in southwestern Salzburger Land, nestled between the neighboring provinces of Tirol and Kärnten. The gigantic massif of the Steinberge dominates the north. In a somewhat southerly direction, one can see the gentle curves of the Pinzgauer Grasberge. The southern boundary of Pinzgau is marked by the gravelly walls of the Hohen Tauern, where the prehistoric rock forms some of the most imposing three thousand meter peaks of the main chain of the Alps.

Winding bike tours lead in between, through and over these mountains – gentle bends and passes paired with cultural and natural delights – exactly the right choice for all kinds of biker types.

Motorbike tours

in the Pinzgau

The Großglockner high alpine pass has an enormous appeal for motorbike riders. After all, the pass road to the foot of the Großglockner, the Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, the highest in all of Austria. 48 kilometers of high alpine road with 36 switchbacks and an altitude of up to 2.504 meters naturally means an incomparable riding- and nature experience. Both motorbike crossings in the neighbouring Tirol, Gerlospass (1.531m) and Pass Thurn (1.274m), enjoy great popularity among mountain pass lovers. Still, the possibility for near-by tours is not limited to Tirol, East Tirol and Kärnten - Southern Tirol and Bavaria are also tempting treats for aficionados of motorbiking.

The summer highlight

Weekly guided sunrise tour with a light breakfast at the Großglockner. Here is an excerpt from it: TOUR DRIVER DVD – The most beautiful alpine tours – Part 2

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