Landhaus Jausern

Kramerhaus Viehhofen

+43 6541 7341

Dorfplatz 89, 5752 Viehhofen



We are MOHO

How it all began...

In 1980, Christa left her job as Lufthansa stewardess to join me in the founding of Landhaus Jausern in Saalbach. With my avid passion for motorbiking, it quickly became clear that motorsports would play an active role in our life

The riding instructor association Nordrhein-Westfalen began lodging at Landhaus Jausern in 1980, since at the time motorcyclists were not made to feel welcome at most hotels and pensions. They organised a motorbiking practice tour for riding instructors at Landhaus Jausern. Inspiring surroundings and well-planned tours combined to make the enterprise a success.

As time went by, more and more hoteliers set the same goals. In 1986, the Schmidt brothers from Hotel Solaria in Obertauern suggested joining forces under the motto : “Four houses for two wheels“, which would later morph into today’s MOHO. Christa designed the logo and together we developed the standards designed to offer our guests the ultimate motorbiking vacation.

That was...

Our aim

to offer a relaxed environment where motorbiking aficionados could interact and share experiences. With Christa’s culinary know-how and my education as a mechanic, we formed a great team. I could combine hobby and career with zest, trading the wrench for the cooking spoon. We began to organise guided tours, and I rode motorbikes with the guests. The tours, planned with attention to detail among magnificent surroundings, were a success.

A lot has...

changed in that time

technology, how motorcyclists are regarded in society and last but not least, Landhaus Hausern. Today, we offer guests comfort, support and tips for making a motorbiking vacation in the Alps a truly singular experience. Lately I ride a GS 1200, joining our guests on a sunrise tour up the Großglockner, for example. But my heart really beats for my Husqvarna and off-road riding. This passion gets reserved for the off-season when our house is closed.

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