Landhaus Jausern

Kramerhaus Viehhofen

+43 6541 7341

Dorfplatz 89, 5752 Viehhofen



Landhaus Jausern Ruhebereich
Sauna area

Let your soul...

... gently drift off, lulled by the soothing sounds of music, completely relaxed from the last Finnish sauna infusion. Regular visitors to our sauna usually choose to cool off in the ice-cold swimming pond or in the fresh snow, rather than under the waterfall shower - guaranteed to strengthen your immune system!
If you still want to break a sweat but prefer a gentler method, enjoy a half-hour in our Physio-Therm infrared cabin! A pleasant, deep penetrating warmth will bring you to a sweat gradually, increase your sense of well-being and leave you blissfully relaxed!

Swimming pond

Pure nature

Our swimming pond right outside the door! We love our swimming pond filled with crystal-clear spring water, where guests of Landhaus Jausern chill off on summer days. Guaranteed free of chemicals - only pure, clear water - make swimming here a refreshing and skin-friendly experience. Try it for yourself!

Gäste im Badeteich
Sauna and swimming pond

Relaxation made simple!

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